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May 30, 2002
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It's present time
big hug
Nikki and family Christmas 2001
Mom enjoys all the Holiday company
My Christmas Tree 2001
The upside-down bird
Family holiday dinner
O'Shae snackin'
Adora at 1 day
I'm a newbie
So glad to have it over
Proud Mommy
Adora is tired, too
Adora's first bed
Time to go home
Great grandma Lottie
Mommy's big boy
Old & new
My sissy
I'm a big brother
Be gentle
Tickle, tickle
I like my baby sister
We're pretty lucky, Daddy.
Group picture
Adora Mia
Can't be bothered
Say "cheese" O'Shae
Strange lady asking me to smile
Grandma do I have to?
Aagghhh! Kissed by a dog!
What you talking about!
I'm done
that's my Grandma
Playing at aunt Sandi's
Pick me up
Grandma will help.
O'Shae 1
O'Shae 2
O'Shae 3
Adora at 2 months
Travelin' with Grandma
So sweet when they sleep.
Nikki, recuperated
A sloppy goodbye kiss.